CORE-AT Electronic Medical Record and
Injury Surveillance System

CORE-AT is a web-based electronic medical record (EMR) and injury surveillance system for use by athletic trainers.  The CORE-AT EMR was designed and developed by athletic trainers, and is managed in partnership with RippleGroup, an international technology communication company.

The CORE-AT EMR is compliant with data acquisition, storage, and transmission standards set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

Health information obtained using the CORE-AT system are not stored locally on computers. Instead, data are uploaded in real-time and transmitted to secure, redundant servers.

System Capabilities

The CORE-AT EMR system consists of documentation capabilities including individual patient/athlete registration (e.g. sex, age, grade), injury demographics (e.g. sport, season, position), comprehensive patient evaluation (e.g. diagnosis, injured body part, side, mechanism of injury), and daily treatment, progress, and discharge (e.g. athletic training interventions, rehabilitation protocols, date of return to play) notes. 

A necessary feature of the patient record is the ability to assign ICD-10 CM and CPT codes to patient diagnoses and treatments, respectively, to enable the characterization of athletic training practice, and to generate cost-estimates for athletic training services. 

Also included in the system are single and multi-item patient-oriented outcome measures, both generic and region specific.  

Outcome instruments are automatically generated and included as part of the patient evaluation process based on diagnosis and injury region.  An automated system not only assures collection of appropriate patient information, but also promotes the use of outcome instruments as part of standard athletic training practice.

Injury Surveillance

In addition to the capabilities of the CORE-AT system to collect patient outcomes, CORE-AT is also constructed to capture and integrate injury surveillance information specific to athlete injury and exposure.

With the surveillance component integrated directly into the medical record, information such as time loss/non-time loss, diagnosis, mechanism of injury, sport, and position are all collected and recorded during the initial evaluation, without the need for double entry.  

Data regarding athlete exposures are also captured and made available for the clinician.

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