Athletic Training Practice Based Research Network Benefits

By becoming a partner of the Athletic Training Practice Based Research Network you will help to develop and expand our geographically diverse PBRN and will enjoy several distinct benefits to assist you and/or your clinical faculty and students in providing high quality evidence-based healthcare services using information technology.

Benefits to Participants

  • Participants will be provided with a license (annual renewal, estimated cost = $200/year) to the CORE-AT web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and injury surveillance system. This is a fully functional EMR that can be used to securely document and store medical data for patient care. Learn more about the CORE-AT EMR

  • Quarterly reports that are clinician and/or clinical practice site specific that include:
  • Practice characteristic summaries (Number of patients seen, Duration of care, Number of Visits, Diagnostic codes, Treatment codes, etc).
  • Cost of care estimates (Data detailing total costs of treatments provided, average cost of care per patient, etc)
  • Healthcare Outcomes / Health-Related Quality of Life Impact summaries (Data detailing how sport-related injuries are impacting your patients, how your treatments are impacting patient outcomes, the impact of injury and your care on patients health-related quality life)

  • Annual summaries providing comparative data to other clinical practice sites within the PBRN.

  • Opportunities to initiate clinical studies evaluating the effectiveness of the care you are providing.

  • On-line access to educational resources through the CORE-AT website.

  • Engage in partnerships between academic centers and community-based clinicians.

  • Collaborate with athletic trainers in measuring clinical outcomes and injury surveillance to assess the effectiveness of athletic training services in the secondary school.

  • Access to reports aimed to improve quality of care based upon analyses of clinical outcomes reported through the Practice Based Research Network. A primary goal is to provide participating clinicians with summaries of what treatments are producing the best clinical outcomes in patients.

  • Some sites will be eligible to receive a Netbook mobile computer and a broadband mobile card with unlimited data transfer at NO COST. The number of eligible sites will be limited based upon available funding.

How To Participate

If you are interested in becoming a clinical practice site for the Athletic Training Practice Based Research Network please contact us. Once your form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email, and someone from the PBRN will contact you to complete a screening process to determine your ability to participate. Please be sure to check the box indicating interest in joining the PBRN.